Amana Router Bits

Amana Router Bits

Amana Tool has been producing router bits since 1972. A global leader in its field, Amana is known for using high quality materials and for their innovative engineering processes. Amana Tool ensures the structural integrity of their products by using carbon alloy steel that contains vanadium particles for its router bits. Using this alloy prevents defects in the internal structure of the material that can lead to cracks and breaks and has the added benefit of preventing corrosion.

Amana manufactures all of their products with an eye to quality and user safety. Processes such as laser etching ensure that the essential information you need to get the most out of your tools stays on the tool, preventing normal wear from erasing the information you need. The manufacturing processes are specifically chosen to yield router bits with superior balance, durability, precision and symmetry.

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7th Jul 2014

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